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“We take time and use our passion for pet health care to unravel the complex issues associated with skin and ear diseases”

Dermvet Skin & Ear Clinic

How can we help you?

Once a diagnosis has been established we will work with you to decide on the best treatment options for you and your pet. These will be based on the most current knowledge there is in veterinary dermatology. We will also discuss the costs and benefits of the different options with you.

Our specialist team will ensure that you leave us with all of the information and advice that you need to ensure the long and short term protection of your pet’s ears and skin.

Calcinosis cutis Leicester skin vet
Calcinosis Cutis after 5 months Leicester skin vet
David Bentley Leicester Skin Vet

Why choose us

“The service I received at Dermvet Skin and Ear Clinic was first class. I wish I had consulted David Bentley (veterinary dermatologist) sooner as my cocker spaniel had suffered for some time. I trust David completely to do what is best for my dog and to provide the best care available.”
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Over 30 years of experience


Highest standards of care for your pet


Specialise in dog and cat skin conditions


Specialise in complex ear diseases


State-of-the-art laboratory


Use of revolutionary equipment

At the Dermvet Skin and Ear Clinic we see both first opinion and second opinion or referral cases

Ear conditions

Ear infections can cause your pet discomfort and in most cases pain. It’s therefore extremely important that you know how to prevent your pet from developing them, what the symptoms are and how they can be treated.

Skin conditions

Just like you, your pet’s skin is their largest organ. However, unlike you your pet’s skin is covered in fur. For that reason it can often be difficult to spot skin conditions.


Cytology is the study of cells; this is a diagnostic tool we use regularly at Dermvet in order to gain important results regarding pet health quickly.


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June 2024. There is currently a  4-5 week waiting time, depending upon whether the case is surgical, before new cases can be seen.