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Our cat Freddie was referred to David Bentley after recurrent ear infections. Freddie required a total ear canal ablation and bulla osteotomy. Freddie was very lucky as he was found to have cancer. We were so impressed with the outcome of the surgery especially after having such extensive surgery David was able to secure a fantastic cosmetic result as well, and now all of his fur has grown back Freddie doesn’t look like he has even had the surgery. The follow up care was fantastic and Freddie was regularly reviewed to check on his progress. Thank you very much David Bentley

Dave N.

Went to Mr Bentley after countless trips to alternative vets without any success! Our dog, Cooper ( Basset Hound ) was having problems with his ears, these problems had been an ongoing issue for sometime and we believed from other vets that his problem couldn’t be resolved!!! After 1 visit to David he transformed our Cooper back into the happy playful pet he used to be. David’s professionalism and care to detail was exceptional and would recommend David to anyone struggling with their pets ears!

David can be very technical when explaining his diagnosis and subsequently understanding everything he says is sometimes difficult, but from the first time you meet David you feel confident that he knows exactly what to do. I don’t often comment on reviews but David and this veterinary practice deserves all the recognition it receives, our Cooper is now a picture of health and back to the happy dog he used to be !!! Well done to David and all his team. If Cooper could speak I’m sure he would say the same! Thanks again.

Bill and Linda Blair

Over a period of 3 years we made several visits to our local vets for treatment to Dylan’s ears. During this period Dylan was diagnosed with Polyps. Our vets told us that Dylan would have to have his ear canal removed in one ear, but they had only done this op on 1 previous dog. We googled and found David and Dermvent.From contacting David, in the space of 3 weeks, we had a consultation, Dylan’s operation ( TECA-LBO ) in both ears, checkup and after 11 days stitch removal. We can’t praise David and Rebecca enough for the speed they dealt with our Dylan. They were absolutely brilliant and 100 per cent professional during that 3 weeks. It was a really anxious time for us, but David and Rebecca gave us sense of reassurance that Dylan would be fine. Dylan is more or less back to his normal self now 3 weeks after his op. Although Dylan is deaf now, we know it was for the best and he wouldn’t spend the rest of his life in torment. We strongly recommend Dermvet to anyone who has similar problems like we had with Dylan.


Three year old Cavchon ‘Max’ had ear canal issues, on and off, for most of his life thus far. David at DermVet was tireless in researching and treating Max’s condition. Following several – unrelated – surgical procedures; Max’s natural defences were overwhelmed by a nasty ‘bug’ inside his left ear. The only course left open to us, was to have his ear drum and ear canal removed. David was most careful to explain the reasons, options and procedure details. We were confident; that our four-legged family member was in the best hands possible. Max has now had his stitches removed and back to his old playful self. I would not hesitate to recommend David Bentley and his team at DermVet. Thank you so much.


After two years of treatment with a vet, and a second opinion of another vet who just reached for the same treatment, we finally found David Bentley, at this clinic. Our Newfoundland has had two years of serious ear trouble which previous vets had treated on a symptom only basis. At last David Bentley has got to the root of the trouble, with specialised equipment and knowledge, the allergy has been located, and our MAXIMUS is pain free.
A wonderful man, a true specialist, I would recommend his clinic to anyone who owns a pet with endless ear trouble and who may have been told ” all dogs get ear problems and you have to live with it”

Dean W

Finding Dave at Dermvet was a god send for our Border Terrier, Benji. Benji had suffered since birth with ear infections. These had been continuously treated unsuccessfully by our own vet. Continuous treatment was effecting Benji’s personality and treatment was becoming more difficulty with each fresh infection. Over the last year Dave has successful treated Benji, with steroid ear spray and immunotherapy and has now been clear of ear infections for six months. We finally have our pet Benji back to his normal self and more importantly his quality of life has improved immensely. If you have a pet suffering and are unable to get satisfaction at your own vet then please do not hesitate in contacting Dermvet. Finally, thank you to Dave and all of his team at Dermvet for everything you have achieved.

Jon Gamble

David Bentley treated my welsh terrier Eddy. Unfortunatley the diagnosis wasn’t great and my poor old boy was struck down with a terrible terminal disease. However David made us feel informed and cared for. For a vet to talk on the phone about your dogs condition for nearly an hour was amazing. The whole team cared right up to the fateful day. They even sent a handwritten sympathy card. If you are looking for a veterinary practice that cares about you and your pet you will not be disappointed. I will never use anyone else

French Fancybullz

Our gorgeous, gentle American Bulldog Spike had been rubbing his ears on and off for about a month, we treated at home but the problem wasn’t going away. David feared Spike would need complete ear canal removal as the swelling was so bad inside Spike ears. However, David offered an alternative treatment first in the hope that Spike’s condition could be improved and managed. “Nothing short of miraculous” I think David’s exact words were…. Spike had made a near complete recovery! We must keep up with the treatment and have regular check ups for a couple more months, then Spike would be issued with anti-allergy treatment which includes regular injections to combat his allergies.

We’re now about a month into the treatment and Spike is back to his old self, generally being a nuisance and snoring his way through life upside down on the sofa.


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