Terms and Conditions

A second opinion or referral dermatology appointment is time-consuming, not only the time allocated for the appointment, but the time spent reading through the history and sometimes discussing the case by email beforehand. We have had several clients miss appointments or cancel at extremely short notice (e.g. on the morning of the appointment!). Missed appointments or those canceled at very short notice cannot be filled by other clients, most of which travel long distances to see us, and we often have long waiting lits of up to 8 weeks.   If you are unable to attend an appointment please do NOT rely on email or website to inform us. Please PHONE  the clinic….if the clinic is closed, you can leave a voicemail message that will be picked up very quickly.  We reserve the right to charge up to 80% of the cost of an appointment for missed appointments or those canceled within  24 hours.  For more information see: