What Do We Do?

What Do We Do?

The Dermvet Skin& Ear Clinic is run by Veterinary Dermatologist David Bentley from his new clinic at 15 Ratby Road Groby Leicester LE6 0GF.

Treatment of skin and ear disease in dogs and cats has been David’s passion for most of his professional career, obtaining his RCVS Certificate in Small Animal Dermatology in 1994, after qualifying from Liverpool Vet School in 1982.

Since the RCVS established the status of Advanced Practitioner in 2015, David has been designated an RCVS Advanced Practitioner in Small Animal Dermatology and since 1992 has a member of the British Veterinary Dermatology Study Group and the European Society of Veterinary Dermatology.

He regularly attends meetings and conferences at home and abroad to keep abreast of latest developments in the diagnosis and treatment of pet skin and ear disease.

David Bentley and collie MRCVS skin vet Leicester

At the Dermvet Skin and Ear clinic we see both referral and second opinion cases and treat dogs and cats with allergies, parasitic skin diseases, bacterial, viral and fungal skin infections, immune-mediated skin disease, nutritional and hormonal skin conditions and various types of skin growths and cancers.

We have access to a fully equipped laboratory and powerful microscope, essential in working up most pet skin and ear cases. We also have a good relationship with a dedicated dermatohistopathologist when it comes to examining skin biopsies – this is a specialised field and there only a small number of skin pathologists in the UK a veterinary dermatologist will trust.

With this equipment and knowledge at our disposal and the brand new Storz Video Otoscope with VetPump®, we can provide all the facilities on site to deal with the most complex of skin and ear conditions and can offer treatment possibilities unavailable in general practice. We are one of only a few veterinary dermatology clinics offering Video Otoscopy in the midlands.

David Bentley at microscope

Working up a pet skin or otitis case and arriving at a correct diagnosis takes time and this is one of the major obstacles in dealing with such cases in normal first-opinion veterinary practice.

At the clinic we offer long consultation times, ranging from 1 to 2 hours, so that a thorough history can be taken, and all in-house diagnostic procedures can be carried out.

As many skin conditions are very similar in appearance and symptoms (e.g scratching, red skin, scaling and crusting), the in-depth knowledge of a veterinary dermatologist is essential in drawing up a list of differential diagnoses, so that the work-up to a correct diagnosis can be made in as little time as possible, saving your pet unnecessary discomfort and saving you the owner the expense and frustration of inappropriate treatment.

David has a keen interest in ear surgery and to this date has completed over 290 Total Ear Canal Ablations (TECA) in dogs and cats with intractable ear disease. He is one of a very few dermatologists who will offer surgery for those otitis cases that are beyond medical treatment – they are more commonly re-referred to a surgeon. A recent audit has shown that his complication rate for this surgery is as low as surgical specialists.

Treatment of allergic skin disease accounts for a considerable percentage of our work and we have many years of experience of intradermal and serological allergy testing followed up with Allergen Specific Immunotherapy using Artuvet® allergens, still a treatment worth considering despite the recent advances in treating the allergic itch.

Intradermal skin testing Leicester skin vet David Bentley
Intradermal skin testing Leicester skin vet David Bentley

If you’ve noticed skin or ear problems in your pet, it’s vital that you contact specialised veterinary professionals before symptoms worsen. To book an appointment with our Veterinary Dermatologist, simply call us below or email us on enquiries@dermvet.co.uk


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June 2024. There is currently a  4-5 week waiting time, depending upon whether the case is surgical, before new cases can be seen.