Affordable Video Otoscopy

Save money on expensive surgery with our video Otoscopy

When something is wrong with your dog’s ear, it can be hard to correctly diagnose and treat the problem. In the past we have seen incorrect diagnosis and treatments that have done nothing to prevent the pain or solve the problem.

However with the help of Video Otoscopy, we’re now able to see deep into the ear to gain clear images of the problem at hand. By performing Video Otoscopy, we have been able to save many owners from expensive surgery and have been able to successfully treat dogs.

How does it work?

The Storz video Otoscopy has an incredibly bright light source, which, via fibre- optics, comes from the very tip, providing illumination of the ear canal and full view of the problem at hand.

It features a working channel that opens at the tip, which allows flushing and aspiration tubes, flexible grasping and biopsy forceps and flexible curette to be placed exactly wherever they are required.

Thanks to the camera attached, we’re able to watch everything that we’re doing on a screen next to us, which allows us to move carefully, tactfully and gets us to the root of the problem.

To learn more about how this option could help your dog, take a look around our website today.