Cat Allergy Test

Learn about cat allergy tests

Typical signs of a food allergy in a cat can include spots, scabs, ulcers and plaques on the body and lips and alopecia caused by excessive grooming.

Contrary to popular belief, a food allergy doesn’t always occur when a cat tries a new food. In reality, a cat can experience an allergic reaction to a food that it’s been able to tolerate for years, so this makes it hard to narrow down what food is giving them issues.

There are no blood tests that will easily indicate what food is causing their reaction, so we recommend a hydrolysed soya based diet as an exclusion diet to help you narrow down where the problem is stemming from.

If you have done all of the above, or you’re not certain that they are facing an allergy, we are here to help. For those that are concerned it may be something other than an allergy, we can offer our assistance if you’re concerned it’s a skin or ear condition.

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