Dog Ear Surgery

Treat Total Ear Canal Ablation with dog ear surgery

In some unfortunate circumstances, otitis cannot always be treated medically and sometimes requires ear surgery.

At DermVet, Total Ear Canal Ablation and Lateral Bulla Osteotomy (TECA-LBO) Surgery is often the best way to remove all trace of the disease and stop any further pain and discomfort.

There are various circumstances that will lead us to preform this surgery such as:

  • Intractable Otitis- where despite the bulk of the ear canal is not at the end stage, changes in certain parts of the ear are preventing the complete resolution of the infection
  • End Stage Otitis- where there is chronic irreversible change to the ear canal
  • Tumours in the ear canal, which cannot be solved by lateral wall resection or vertical canal ablation.
  • For financial reasons, sometimes the cost of this surgery can be less than a prolonged course of medical therapy.

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