Dog Food Allergy Test

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At DermVet we understand that it can be daunting as a dog owner to see your dog experiencing an allergy. It can manifest in many ways, and what can be daunting is to not know the route cause.

What can we do?

We want to get to the root cause of whatever is upsetting your dog, so in order to find this out; we can place them on a strict 6-8 week food diet. This will consist of feeding them home-prepared foods made from pure sources of novel protein and carbohydrates. We also recommend considering a hydrolysed soya based diet as an exclusion diet.

Once we stop them from consuming commercial dog food, we can then slowly begin re-introducing foods so we can quickly identify what ingredients your dog is having an allergic reaction to. Whilst it may seem lengthy, it’s the most proven method to find out what is causing your dog to have an allergic reaction.

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