Dog Food Allergy Tests

It’s certainly true to say that we are all living in uncertain times at the moment. With the terrible spread of COVID-19, we know that your concern won’t just be for your human loved ones, but also the overall welfare of your pets. Whilst we are all spending more time at home, your pets will no doubt be loving the increased contact with you. If you have now noticed your dog is acting out of character or you have noticed changes to their skin or fur, then it could be that your pet has an allergy.

We can help you at DermVet. Based in Leicestershire, we are here to make sure that if your pet has a skin or ear condition, then this is diagnosed accurately for you, so the correct treatment course can begin to get your four legged family member back to full health.

Allergies to pets can be caused from numerous sources, however, one of the most common is food. With our allergy testing, we will be able to quickly determine what your dog is allergic to and advise on the best food types moving forward.

If you have any questions about the dog food allergy tests we provide, please call us on 0116 326 0402. We are here to help and we look forward to meeting you soon.