Dog Hair Loss Treatments For Your Beloved Pet

Just like that, June is nearly upon us! 2022 seems to be flying by and we are pleased to say that it has been an excellent first half of the year for us here at DermVet. To-date, we have been assisting our clients with the range of skin and hair conditions and treatments for their pets. If you have found us online, or have been referred to us for help with dog hair loss treatment, then you and your beloved pet are certainly in safe hands with our experienced team.

We know just how worrying it can be if you have started to notice that your dog is losing hair or has bald patches in their fur. With our treatment, we get to the root cause of why this is happening so we can then provide the effective treatment course to not only stop further hair loss, but also help the fur regrow to the normal healthy coat you are use to seeing.

Would you like more information or to arrange an initial consultation with us? If so, then please do not hesitate to get in touch. You can call our team on 0116 326 0402 and we look forward to speaking with you soon. If you prefer, you can send us a message via our online enquiry form and once received, we will reply to you.

Look no further for help with dog hair loss treatment!