Dog Skin Expert

Does your dog require the help of a dog skin expert?

When your dog is displaying signs of discomfort, head shaking or scratching, then could be dealing with a skin issue that can cause them great pain.

At DermVet we are dog skin experts and we have the correct skills, training and extensive knowledge to be able to correct diagnose and treat various skin issues in dogs.

What are the options?

What’s important is to firstly take the time to diagnose the problem, and then we can work towards suitable treatments. Because we specialise in skin problems, we can take the time to thoroughly diagnose the problem, something that a typical vet won’t have the time to do.

Our goal is to eliminate everything before we come to a conclusion with solid evidence on what type of skin issue your dog is facing. We can do this by performing various laboratory tests such as trichograms, tests and blood tests, as well as skin scrapings and cytology tests.

Once we have determined what the skin issue is, we can then discuss a suitable treatment plan that helps to take away the pain and discomfort and solves the problem.

To learn more about our clinic and our past cases we’ve successfully treated, see our website for more info.