Dog Skin Expert

Need the help of a dog skin expert? 

When you’ve noticed the signs that your dog isn’t feeling well or isn’t being their normal self, this can be a worrying and scary time. Dogs often function as part of our family, so when sometimes isn’t right, everyone can become affected.

Amongst all the problems a dog can face, it can often be hard diagnosing the problem. If you have noticed changes to fur and skin condition or appearance in your dog, then getting them seen by a veterinary skin expert such as ourselves as early as possible is crucial.

At Dermvet we offer a range of treatments and procedures that aim to put the health and happiness of your dog first

Over the years, we have helped dogs and their families by correctly diagnosing various skin conditions and administering the correct treatment plans. By having the time, the laboratory and the experience, we are able to give dogs the attention they deserve so they can go back to their normal selves.

You can learn more about what we do by looking on our website where you can also view our interesting cases.

For more information about how our veterinary skin expert can help in Leicestershire, contact us on 0116 326 0402.