Expert Treatment For Chronic Ear Infection In Dogs

Find the right treatment for chronic ear infections in dogs

Also known as Otitis Externa, inflammation of the external ear canal can cause great discomfort to a dog and requires specialist treatment so that it doesn’t return.

We sometimes see Otitis Externa occur due to scabies mites or ear mites, or more frequently it can occur when the dog has allergic skin diseases or hormonal diseases. In order to treat the ear infection effectively, we can offer our expert advice and treatments to get your dog back to full health.

How can we help?

Based in Leicestershire, we focus our practice on providing skin and ear treatments for dogs. By having an initial consultation with you and your dog, we’ll be able to examine and understand what is likely causing the ear infection.

From there, we have a range of treatment options available to us such as video Otoscopy and Total Ear Canal Ablation (TECA). You can learn more about these treatments via our website, or by giving us a call to arrange a consultation.

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