Pseudomonas Otitis Treatment

There are several options when it comes to Pseudomonas Otitis treatment

One common cause for otitis externa are tumours in the ear canal, and after some time, it can cause the ear canal to be a breeding ground for bacteria which causes the dog or cat to be in pain and discomfort.

Previously we would have treated this via major surgery or by using biopsy forceps via video Otoscopy if they were small. However, as time has gone by, we are now able to use lasers to vaporise the tumour.

At DermVet we take our time at diagnosing the issue so we can find the best course of treatment.

One way that we can treat Otitis is by using the Diode Laser from Excel Lasers. The laser energy is passed down a 600microm wide optical fibre from the unit pictured, and produces an extremely localised area of intense heat that will cut, coagulate or vaporise tissue without causing too much damage to surrounding tissue. This option is much less risky than other treatments, and can save money.

To learn more about this treatment and to see it in action, see our website for videos and further information.

If you think that we can help your dog or cat with Pseudomonas Otitis, get in touch today.