Pseudomonas Otitis Treatment

Learn more about the range of Pseudomonas Otitis treatments

Pseudomonas Otitis is a painful and debilitating illness that can be hard to diagnose and treat. In some circumstances, otitis can’t always be treated medically and may sometimes require ear surgery.

In summary, there are varying circumstances such as:

  • End Stage Otitis- where there is chronic irreversible change to the ear canal
  • Intractable Otitis- where despite the bulk of the ear canal is not at the end stage, changes in certain parts of the ear are preventing the complete resolution of the infection
  • For financial reasons, sometimes the cost of this surgery can be less than a prolonged course of medical therapy.
  • Tumours in the ear canal, which cannot be solved by lateral wall resection or vertical canal ablation.

By taking the time to diagnose the issue, we can then discover the right course of treatment.

As an example, a way in which we can treat Otitis is by using the Diode Laser from Excel Lasers. Laser energy is passed down a 600microm wide optical fibre from the unit pictured and produces a localised area of intense heat that will cut, coagulate or vaporise tissue without causing too much damage to the surrounding area.

If you would like to learn more about the treatments we offer or to see us in action, see our website for videos and further information.

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