The World Of Cat Allergies: Spot The Signs And Find Relief

Our furry friends can sometimes struggle with allergies, just like us. These allergies kick in when a cat’s immune system goes into overdrive against something harmless, called an allergen.

We’re Here to Help at Dermvet

At Dermvet, we start with identifying if it’s really allergies bothering your cat through detailed history taking, clinical examination and diagnostic rule-outs.  From there, we guide you on how to avoid these allergens, if possible, or to treat the symptoms with a combination of pharmacological interventions, nutritional supplements or allergen-specific immunotherapy

Common Allergens That Bug Our Cats

  • Fleas: These pesky critters and their saliva can really irritate your cat
  • Pollen and Grasses: Outdoor adventures might bring unwanted allergies
  • Dust Mites: Invisible but mighty, these can stir up trouble
  • Mould: Hidden mould in homes can be a sneaky problem
  • Food: Yes, certain foods can upset your cat too

How to Tell If Your Cat Has an Allergy

  • Itchy Skin: If your cat can’t stop scratching, it might be allergies
  • Hair Loss: Too much scratching or licking can lead to bald spots
  • Sneezing or Wheezing: Just like us, cats can get stuffy noses or have trouble breathing
  • Tummy Trouble: Keep an eye out for vomiting, diarrhoea & bloating triggered by food foes
  • Ear Issues: Itchy ears, discharge, or smelly ears could mean an ear infection
  • Papulo-crustous dermatitis, particularly on the back – commonly seen with flea  allergy
  • Head and neck crusts: caused be self trauma from scratching
  • Eosnophilc plaques and granulomas: “Eosinophilc Granuloma Complex”, focal raised plaques on skin and in mouth

Feline Atopic Syndrome (FAS) is the name given to cases of non-flea induced allergy (food and environmental allergens)  and Feline Atopic Skin Syndrome (FASS) is the name given to cases caused only by environmental allergens such as dust mites, pollens and moulds

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Let’s make allergy spotting simple and get our cats back to their happy, playful selves. Together, we can tackle those sneaky allergens and ensure our cats lead comfortable, joyful lives.