Total Ear Canal Ablation

Learn more about total ear canal ablation 

There are a few reasons for performing total ear canal ablation, and these are:

  • End stage otitis- where the other forms of treatment haven’t worked and is causing the dog pain and discomfort
  • Intractable otitis- where although some parts of the ear are not at the end stage, but are preventing the other areas of the ear from healing
  • Tumours in the ear that cannot be dealt with by any other means
  • When the cost of more treatments without any guarantee of improvement is more expensive

At DermVet we take total ear canal ablation incredibly seriously as it’s not a routine operation, and comes with many risks. We only choose this method if we’re confident that there is no other route to take.

The procedure itself involves removing a lot of the ear such as the whole of the vertical and horizontal canal, the eardrum and part of the lateral wall of the middle ear. We will also use this opportunity to cleaning out the middle ear and removing the diseased middle ear lining with a curette.

If you think that this, or any other procedure we offer, is something your dog may be suitable for, talk to us on 0116 326 0402.