Treating Otitis Interna in Dogs: What You Need to Know

Understanding Otitis Interna

Otitis Interna, commonly known as an inner ear infection, is a serious condition that can affect your furry friend’s inner ear. This infection can stem from various causes, including bacteria, fungi, allergies, or other underlying medical issues.

If left untreated, Otitis Interna can lead to significant complications such as hearing loss and balance problems. That’s why it’s crucial to seek veterinary care immediately if you suspect your dog has an inner ear infection.

My Expertise at DermVet

Here at DermVet, I am dedicated to helping your pet with a variety of skin and ear conditions, one of which includes Otitis Interna. Based in Leicestershire, I offer services to both local clients and those referred by other veterinarians. With my extensive experience, I am confident in my ability to provide the best care and treatment for Otitis Interna, ensuring your pet’s swift recovery.

What to Expect from the Treatment

Once Otitis Interna is diagnosed, a personalised treatment plan tailored to your dog’s specific needs is made. My primary goal is to restore your pet’s health as quickly as possible, allowing them to get back to their happy, active selves.

Contact Me for More Information

Are you looking for more information about Otitis Interna treatment or want to arrange a consultation with me? Don’t hesitate to get in touch! You can call me at 0116 326 0402 – I look forward to speaking with you soon. Prefer email? Send your inquiries to and I’ll get back to you promptly.

Trust DermVet for Expert Otitis Interna Treatment

When it comes to treating Otitis Interna, look no further than DermVet. With specialised knowledge and dedication, your pet has the leading choice for managing their condition. Let DermVet help your pet get back to their best with expert care.