Treatment For Chronic Ear Infection In Dogs

Video Otoscopy can help us prescribe treatment for chronic ear infections in dogs

Have you noticed that dog is unwell or not quite behaving like themselves? Do they scratch at their ears or shake their heads? Maybe you can see some pain and redness in the ear?

These can be common signs of an ear infection in your dog, but correctly diagnosing it can be tricky. In order to give them the best course of treatment, we first need to diagnose the problem, and thanks to Video Otoscopy, we can get a better picture.

How does Video Otoscopy work?

At Dermvet we are proud to use Video Otoscopy and it has revolutionised the way in which we diagnose and treat chronic ear infections.

Storz Video Otoscopy has an incredibly bright light source, and via fibre- optics, it helps to illuminate the ear canal and give us a full view of the chronic ear infection. It also has a working channel that opens at the tip and gives us the ability to use flushing and aspiration tubes.

Another huge benefit to the Storz Video Otoscopy is down to its camera, giving us a live feed of the ear canal as we watch closely on the screen next to us.

If you want to know more about how this option could help your dog, take a look around our website.