Treatments For Chronic Ear Infection In Dogs

We can offer treatment for chronic ear infections in dogs 

When a dog is diagnosed with otitis, they can face a lot of pain and discomfort, and as their owner you may have felt that nothing has worked. Whilst you may have been able to find temporary solutions, sometimes it needs to be dealt with medically.

At DermVet we’re able to offer total ear canal ablation and lateral bulla osteotomy (TECA-LBO) surgery. 

TECA-LBO surgery involves removing the vertical and horizontal canal the integument that is adherent to the bone at the opening of the middle ear, the ear drum and part of the lateral wall of the middle ear. Afterwards, we then follow it up by cleaning out the middle ear and removing the diseased middle ear lining with a curette.

It’s important to note that this operation does come with risks and you must always choose an experienced surgeon who specialises in this area. To learn more about total ear canal ablation, see our website where you can see pictures of previous surgeries.

If you think that this, or any other procedure we offer, is something your dog may require, talk to us today on 0116 326 0402.