Veterinary Dermatology

Have you been advised to seek the help of a veterinary dermatologist?

Just like us, dogs and cats can suffer from a range of skin issues that can be incredibly hard to diagnose. Although you may have had diagnoses in the past, sometimes it requires the help our dermatology experts to get to the root of the problem.

At DermVet we take our time to correctly diagnose and create treatment plans for cats and dogs suffering from a range of skin issues.

We’re able to offer a thorough service by using our diagnostic tests to diagnose conditions and offer your pet the best possible solutions. We work by eliminating possible parasites; infections and allergies before we go ahead with any treatments so that we don’t accidently make the problem worse.

Depending on the issue can depend on the tests we perform, but it can normally range from skin scrapings and cytology tests, to laboratory tests such as trichograms, skin biopsies, allergy tests and blood tests.

Our aim is to always eliminate everything before we come to a conclusion with solid evidence on what the problem is. From there, we can then discuss a treatment plan that helps take away the problem and the pain and discomfort.

To see if we can help your pet, get in touch and arrange a visit today