Video Otoscopy

Is your pet suffering from recurring ear infections? Traditional approaches for diagnosing Otitis Externa in dogs can be time-consuming and ineffective. At DermVet, we provide effective video otoscopy, which is a game changer in how we diagnose and treat Otitis Externa for pets! This cutting-edge technology enables a clear and complete inspection of the ear canal, resulting in accurate diagnosis and focused treatments.

The Advantages of Video Otoscopy:

Accuracy and precision:

Veterinary video otoscopy delivers a high-resolution, real-time picture of the ear canal. This means that your veterinarian can now pinpoint the specific location and severity of the infection, resulting in more effective treatment regimens.

Improved Client Education:

Pet owners can observe the status of their dog’s ear firsthand with Video Otoscopy. This graphic aid assists in comprehending the problem and promotes better adherence to treatment recommendations.

Reduced Discomfort:

Traditional procedures frequently necessitate several instrument insertions into the dog’s ear, which causes discomfort. Video otoscopy reduces this by using a small, flexible camera, resulting in a less intrusive and more comfortable procedure.

Documentation in its entirety:

Video otoscopy captures photos and movies, producing a visual record of the situation. This documentation is useful for tracking progress and, if necessary, exchanging information with specialists.


Investing in Video otoscopy for the diagnosis of Otitis Externa in dogs is a step towards giving the finest care possible for your canine companion. Say goodbye to the uncertainty of traditional procedures in favour of this cutting-edge technology for precise diagnosis and customised treatment regimens. Your dog’s health is worth it!