Video Otoscopy

Learn how video Otoscopy can help us to diagnose and treat various issues

All pet owners will know that when something is wrong with a dog, it can be a very worrying and trying time. Whilst you may take them to the vet and try and address the issue, sometimes their issues can get misdiagnosed which can lead to the incorrect treatment being prescribed.

This can be very common when something is wrong with a dog’s ear, and in the past we have seen many misdiagnoses due to it being a tricky area to inspect. However, with the video Otoscopy, we can now get a much better view of what is going on inside the ear.

At DermVet we are proud to use the Storz video Otoscopy. Thanks to its bright light source, it uses via fibre- optics at the tip, which provides illumination of the ear canal gives us a full view of the problem at hand.

It also features a camera, which allows us to gently and carefully navigate the ear canal. In doing so, we can get a better understanding of the problem the dog is facing so we can then diagnose the problem and find a suitable way to move forward with treatment.

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