Blood Tests

laboratoryInvestigation into the causes of some skin conditions will involve taking blood samples for various tests. Some skin conditions are a marker for internal disease , for instance adult -onset demodicosis (demodectic mange) which can develop as a consequence of altered immune system function brought about by diseases such as Cushings Disease.

A full blood work up will involve checking a full blood biochemistry and haematology profile. Usually we can do this in-house and have the results within minutes. When hormonal diseases are suspected in cases such as alopecia or recurrent bacterial skin infections, we may take samples to be sent to an external laboratory for thyroid profiles and/or adrenal function tests, with resuklts usually available within 24 hours.

Blood collection is usually straightforward and most animals tolerate the sampling procedure very well..

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April 2024. There is currently a 6-8 week waiting time, depending upon whether the case is surgical, before new cases can be seen.