Dog Hair Loss Treatments That Work

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Have you noticed your dog is losing hair? Or perhaps their coat has changed and you’re not sure why?

With the skin being the biggest organ on the body, changes to a dogs hair can tell us lots of things, but it’s important to correctly diagnose it before we move forward with any treatments.

At DermVet we can create treatment plans that will ease pain and discomfort

In dogs, skin complaints can present themselves in similar ways, and when something is happening under the coat, we could see other signs like:

  • Lesions such as papules and pustules
  • Crusts
  • Pigmentation
  • Erosions
  • Scaling

Whilst you may have taken them to a vet, what they need is an expert in skin conditions that can correctly diagnose and treat the problem.

By choosing our team, we can give them the dedicated time they need so we can diagnose the problem correctly. During this time, we may need to perform numerous checks depending on what we find, however with our help, you can rest assured that we’ll put the needs of your dog first so that we can get them back on their feet.

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