Total Ear Canal Ablation In The Midlands

Here at DermVet, we have seen a wide range of skin and ear conditions in pets over the years. One that we have seen a treated a number of times is Otitis. Otitis is a painful infection that normally presents itself in the ear canal. The most common symptoms of Otitis in dogs is excessive scratching and attention being paid to the affected ear, bad odour or your dog being in visible pain and discomfort along with head shaking.

The above mentioned symptoms are general and can be causes of other issues, however, Otitis certainly should not be ruled out and you should get your dog checked by a trained vet as soon as possible. If Otitis is present, then it is an unfortunate truth that not all cases clear up through medical prescriptions. Sometimes, the only way to remove the pain for your dog is to opt for Total Ear Canal Ablation, which is surgery to remove the diseased tissue.

Total Ear Canal Ablation is not without risks, however, it is our opinion that if surgery is the only route left available to remove the pain and discomfort your dog will be experiencing, then the reward greatly outweighs the risks. We will go through with you in detail the procedure along with risks and surgery after-care if Total Ear Canal Ablation is needed.

If you would like to make an appointment with us as you are concerned about your dog’s ear(s), then please do not hesitate to contact us. Based in Leicestershire, we provide Total Ear Canal Ablation in the Midlands and we are here to help. You can call us on 0116 326 0402 and we look forward to speaking with you soon.