Trip to Artuvet December 2019

Artuvet is a company, based in Lelystad, Holland, that is a world leader in the production of allergens for both allergy testing and for allergen-specific immunotherapy vaccines which are very useful in the treatment of  of atopic dermatitis in dogs and cats. They...

Nasopharyngeal Polyps in Cats

Ear disease isn’t that common in cats. Apart from infestation with ear mites (otodectes) which in my practice is most commonly seen in newly purchased kittens, otits externa, which is often seen in dogs, is only seen occasionally. Very often , when I am referred...

Dermvet Re-Opens at New Site in Groby on Sept 2nd

I left my post at Bell Brown and Bentley Veterinary Surgeons, where I had worked since 1988, at the end of July. I spent the whole of August getting the new premises ready for opening on Monday Sept 2nd. It’s been hard work, particularly as, until early June, I...

Pododermatitis – A Common Problem With Many Causes

Pododermatitis is a term given to describe inflammatory disease of the skin of the feet. Signs can vary from just erythema (redness) of the pedal skin, to alopecia, swelling, nodules and “cysts”, ulceration, crusting, draining tracts and hyperkeratosis. There are a...

Hair and Saliva Tests Fail to Identify Allergies in Dogs

Occasionally, when I see second opinion cases of presumed allergic dermatitis, the owner tells me that they have found out what their dog is allergic to as they had sent a sample of its hair or saliva to a laboratory, for a tidy fee, and have been told that their pet...


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