Micky came to see me in December with alopecia (baldness) affecting a large proportion of his body. After careful examination it was found that both his testicles were a bit flabby but one had a slightly harder part to it.

This was a sertoli cell tumour, which secretes large amounts of oestrogen which caused the hair loss and can also enlarge the nipples and prepuce. He was castrated in early January.

The second photo shows Micky again 3 months later. Most of his coat has grown back which is a good thing considering the unseasonably cold weather!

Mickey at Leicester Skin vet showing alopecia over his body from a sertoli cell tumour
Mickey after treatment and castration as he had a  a sertoli cell tumour
Nasopharyngeal Polyps in Cats

Nasopharyngeal Polyps in Cats

Ear disease isn't that common in cats. Apart from infestation with ear mites (otodectes) which in my practice is most commonly seen in newly purchased kittens, otits externa, which is often seen in dogs, is only seen occasionally. Very often , when I am referred a...