Review from Spike’s owner –

spike and owner“Our gorgeous, gentle American Bulldog Spike had been rubbing his ears on and off for about a month, we treated at home but the problem wasn’t going away. He was clearly very uncomfortable even though there were no real outward signs to indicate what the problem was.

As soon as we saw David Bentley he knew immediately that Spike was suffering with severe chronic otitis caused by allergies. David advised that Spike would need a general anaesthetic so that he could put a camera into the ear canal to find out how bad the otitis was.

The news was not good. David feared Spike would need complete ear canal removal as the swelling was so bad inside Spike ears. However, David offered an alternative treatment first in the hope that Spike’s condition could be improved and managed.

David gave us some liquids and steroids and strict instructions to massage the liquid into the ear canal for 5 minutes twice a day. We even set a timer to make sure we did it for long enough. Spike had a follow up appointment for a second camera to check to see if any improvement had been made.

“Nothing short of miraculous” I think David’s exact words were…. Spike had made a near complete recovery! We must keep up with the treatment and have regular check ups for a couple more months, then Spike would be issued with anti-allergy treatment which includes regular injections to combat his allergies.

We’re now about a month into the treatment and Spike is back to his old self, generally being a nuisance and snoring his way through life upside down on the sofa. There are some horrible photos of the state of our poor boy’s ears, but instead we’ve posted a happier pic.”

Spike an american bulldog with ear problems in car with his french bulldog friends
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